From 1 January 2021, granulate spreader implements (crop protection implements) are subject to a testing obligation.

Crop protection implements must be regularly tested for their correct functioning. More specifically, all crop protection implements which are in use must undergo implement inspection every three calendar years. New implements which are put into use for the first time require inspection no later than six months after initial use. The inspection must take place in an officially recognised inspection workshop. Inspections are also valid if they take place as per directive 2009/128/EC in other member states of the European Community.

With immediate effect, LEHNER Maschinenbau GmbH is a recognised inspection body for crop protection implements. The crop protection technology which requires inspection must bear a valid inspection badge during use. Infringements of this regulation represent an administrative offence, and are punishable by fine. For this reason, since 1 February 2020 LEHNER has already been supplying corresponding inspection badges for its spreaders which are subject to testing.