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Agrarschau Allgäu 2024

The Agrarschau Allgäu will take place from 18 to 22 April 2024 in Dietmannsried (D) and we will present our products at the Premium Ltd. booth.

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Always perfectly prepared:

Winter technology

LEHNER is a pioneer in 12V winter technology, and its range includes the innovative POLARO® series with high-performance spreaders for professional winter road maintenance. They can be operated using any vehicle with a 12 V supply – no need for a special vehicle, cardan or other auxiliary drives.

Our contribution to increased yield:

Agricultural technology

Our 12V hose and disc spreaders are equally highly regarded in agriculture, in wine- and fruit-growing, and in asparagus and hop growing. Robust, high-quality products which are simple to install and can be conveniently controlled from the driver’s seat, thanks to a control panel supplied as standard.


  • Attachable spreaders for the application of gritting salt, grit (up to 8 mm), sand, or even fertiliser at a width from 2 to 6 m (up to 12 m as an option)
  • LAS control panel as standard
  • Stainless steel agitator with patented agitator system …


  • Powerful 12V spreader for professional winter road maintenance, with a 220, 380 or 550 l hopper
  • For efficient application of gritting salt (max. approx. 1,000 kg) or grit and sand over a large area
  • Infinitely adjustable working width between 0.8 and 6.0 m (up to 12 m as an option) and infinitely adjustable spreading dosage
  • Control console for easy, user-friendly control of all functions from the driver’s seat
  • Polyurethane hopper with screw conveyor and vibrator with automatic start-up, for a constant material flow …


like POLARO®, but

  • With LAS4 control panel as standard for infinite, electronic adjustment of the spreading dosage (optionally with AUTO-DOSIS) or with LISA app control, including speed-dependent dosing.
  • One-sided spreading possible

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  • Pneumatic hose spreader with a width from 1 m up to 12 m max. (depending on model)
  • Infinitely adjustable12V high-power fan for the application of cover crops, grasses, slug pellets, fertilisers, and other granular products
  • Hopper (120, 230, 360 or 500 l) with residue emptying flap
  • Control panel with 3.3 inch graphic display as standard
  • Speed-dependent dosing and headland management system as standard …


  • Pneumatic hose spreader with two-chamber system
  • For simultaneously spreading large legumes and small seed crops over a width of up to 6 m.
  • Both hopper sizes (230 l; 500 l) are available with a 50/50 or 65/35 split …


  • 12 V pneumatic hose spreader with 4 – 8 spreading discs for working widths up to 42 m
  • Ideal for mounting freely on field sprayers
  • For dispensing slug pellets and cover crops


  • 12 V pneumatic hose spreader for narrow working widths of 0.8 to 4.0 m
  • For spreading mixtures of fine and large seeds, fertilisers, micro granules, cover crops and grasses
  • Spreading rate: max. 30 kg/ha


  • 12V all-round spreader for cover crops, grasses, slug pellets, and other granular products
  • Infinitely adjustable working width from 2 to 24 m
  • LAS4 control panel with 2-line display or optionally with app control/li>


  • 12V slug pellet spreader with infinitely adjustable working width from 3 to 30 m
  • Spreading disc with two long distributor blades for up to 90 setting options
  • Best sideways spreading for slug pellets (Metarex) when tested in single disc spreading …


  • 12V granulate spreader with the most reliable technology for the application of various granulates during potato growing
  • Officially approved and recognised by JKI
  • With patented auto-reverse (prevents trickling of additional material)


  • 12V disc spreader for use in viticulture, fruit growing, asparagus and hop growing
  • For the application of almost all granular materials
  • Infinitely adjustable working width from 0.8 to 6 m


  • 12V hose spreader for viticulture, fruit growing, hop growing and horticulture
  • For exact surface and row application of cover crops, fertilisers, and grasses
  • Working width from 0.8 to 2.2 m …

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Always there when needed

Special-purpose machines

Are you looking for a special solution for a particular activity? Then you are in exactly the right place with our special-purpose machines. Here you will find 12V solutions for communal use, for road construction or wire fencing work, as well as using the dispensing guns as manual spreading aids (against small rodents).

LEHNER Maschinenbau:

Made in Germany

We place great value on “Made in Germany” quality, and above all we treasure the direct contact and exchange of experiences with our customers. That is why at LEHNER – from development to prototype construction, and from production all the way to final inspection – we employ only specialists, in order to implement your requirements in the form of innovative products.


  • 12 V spreader for the efficient and safe dispensing of oil binding agents over a width from 0.5 to 2.0 m in fire-fighting and other municipal vehicles.


  • 12V hose spreader for smaller rollers in road construction, for evenly distributing (0.8 to 1.4 m) sand or grit without forming tracks


  • The innovative dehuller for small volumes: unique in Europe!
  • Sample dehuller with aspiration for fast and professional dehulling of raw spelt kernels for quality inspections in goods acceptance testing.
  • Supply voltage: 220 V
  • Total power: 1,500 W …


  • Fence winder with 12V drive and two winders for rapidly winding wire in and out during fencing work, with a minimal effort

Dispensing guns

  • Application aid for manual laying of granular rodenticides directly in mouse burrows; reduces the risk of back injury

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About us

LEHNER – one of the most in-demand manufacturers of 12V spreading technology worldwide – with headquarters in Westerstetten, north of Ulm.


You can always contact our employees and they are happy to advise you personally.


Make a career in mechanical engineering at LEHNER. We offer jobs with perspective in a family atmosphere.


With our useful assistants for iOS or Android smartphones, you are perfectly equipped even when mobile.

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