LEHNER spreading app

The practical tool for smart use

Once it is installed on your smartphone, the spreading app from LEHNER gives you all the settings for our products ready to hand at any time, directly on the spot. Even offline you have full access to the parameters which have been saved, and with just a few clicks you can define the optimum device settings, on the basis of your inputs.

It’s that simple:

Defining the settings

  • Select your LEHNER spreader followed by the required granulate
  • Then enter discharge rate, speed, and working width
  • The appropriate settings for the respective LEHNER spreader are then displayed to you.

Saving favourites
If frequently finding yourself accessing the same settings, you do, of course, have the option of saving such settings as your favourites.

Updating settings
As soon as we have new spreading charts, these are uploaded to the spreading app. If new settings are available, then these are made available to you in the next update. If an online connection exists, then the data can also be aligned or synchronised.

The spreading app is available free of charge for Android and iOS smartphones:

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