12 Volt slug pellet spreader

Drive with 12V
Spreading width 3 to 30 meters
Spreading width 3 to 30 meters
Warning via Signal
LAS 4 Control panel

The single disc spreader with the best transverse distribution for slug pellets up to 30 m in the test.

The LIMAX® was developed specifically to achieve an optimum, even spreading pattern when dispensing slug pellets at large working widths. This is made possible by a completely new development of the spreading disc, with both distributor blades, the valve unit, and the strike point adjustment. The working width (3 to 30 m max.) is set conveniently at the driver’s seat using the control panel, based on the infinitely adjustable setting of the spreading disc speed. The material transfer via funnel directly in the middle of the spreading disc ensures an optimum strike point of the material on the spreading disc.

The LIMAX® sets the yardstick:

  • Infinitely adjustable spreading width from 3 to 30 m
  • Spreading disc with two long distributor blades with a total of 90 setting options and strike point adjustment (+/-20°) for spreading pattern optimisation
  • Robust 12 V electric motor (300 W)
  • LAS 4 control panel as standard – includes infinitely adjustable spreading dosage, control of the spreading disc speed, as well as monitoring and control of other switching functions
  • Hopper with relief roof and discharge spout for convenient residue emptying
  • Valve made of stainless steel
  • 10-time autostart for agglomerated spreading material
  • Readiness (socket) for headland management available as standard
  • Tool-free hopper attachment/removal
  • Tool-free hopper attachment/removal

Technical data

Spreading width: 3 – 30 m
Motor power: 300 W
Speed range: 200 – 3000 rpm
Fuse: 25 A
Power consumption: When starting, up to 24 A
Normal operation up to 15 A
Operating voltage: 12 to 15 V
Operating temperature: -10 to +70 °C
Storage temperature: -30 to +70 °C
Battery cable: 5 m (4.0 mm²)
Control cable: 6 m, fixed connection to spreader,
cable to control panel
Connections: Power supply, control cable,
headland management socket
Hopper capacity: 70 l
Dimensions (LxWxH): 490 x 585 x 745 mm
Weight: 22 kg
Hopper capacity: 110 l
Dimensions (LxWxH): 490 x 585 x 920 mm
Weight: 31 kg
Hopper capacity: 170 l
Dimensions (LxWxH): 690 x 610 x 970 mm
Weight: 33 kg

Special features of the LIMAX®

Adjustable slider unit

Even spreading thanks to optimum transverse distribution

By means of the adjustable valve unit (+/-20°) and the 45 different settings for each distributor blade, the transverse distribution can be flexibly adjusted to the respective spread material, allowing for an even spreading pattern that previously only seemed possible with two-disc spreaders. In addition, valve geometry and low-friction valve guide ensure that even small quantities of spread material are finely dosed when spread, and the risk of the valve jamming is minimal.

Spreading with comfort and convenience

The LAS 4 control panel of the LIMAX® incl. empty indicator

As well as exactly setting the working width by infinitely adjusting the rotational speed of the spreading disc, all other switching functions are also controlled directly from the control panel at the driver’s seat. These include On/Off, setting the adjustment valve for spreading dosage, checking the voltage, etc. What is more, the control panel issues a visual and acoustic warning when the hopper level is down to minimum or the valve is not in position.


During the test by the IRSTEA test institute, the LIMAX® came out on top for spreading results using slug pellets; up to now, this kind of quality had only been possible using a two-disc spreader.

At a working width of 30 m, the LIMAX® achieved a variation coefficient (C.V.) of 11.7%, and at 28 m a C.V. of 9.3% – the lower the C.V. value the more even the spreading pattern. For this, the distributor blades were positioned as follows: distributor blade 1: Hole 3/Point 1, distributor blade 2: Hole 3/Point 5, spreading disc speed: 2500 rpm.

Coefficient of variation 9.3 % at 28m spreading width
Coefficient of variation 11.7 % at 28m spreading width


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