12 V spreader for vehicles with a loading bed

Drive with 12V
Spread width 0.8 to 6 metres
Rustproof metal parts
Protection class IP67
Screw conveyor grit up to 6mm
up to 1000 kg

High capacity. Optimum range. Perfect control – POLARO® L/XL

The POLARO® L and POLARO® XL gritters are ideal for finely dosed dispensing of grit, salt and sand, and fertiliser over large areas. Your vehicle does not need a hydraulic drive or cardan shaft. Simply mount the gritter on a vehicle with a loading bed, 12 V socket, and a sufficient payload, and off you go! If you wish to use the machine only for grit and sand, please state this in your order, and we will then install a reinforced screw conveyor. Whatever your spreading material, you can infinitely adjust the spreading width and rate directly on the control panel, and conveniently change the settings while on the move.

The POLARO® L/XL offers, including:

  • Control console for easy, user-friendly control of all functions from the driver’s seat (as standard)
  • Stepless adjustment of the spreading dosage
  • Polyurethane hopper with screw conveyor and vibrator with automatic start-up, for a constant material flow
  • All metal parts are of non-rusting stainless steel as standard
  • Water-tight cables and gear motors (IP67)
  • A transformer is required for 24 V operation

Even more capacity with the (X)XL extension: For an additional payment, both POLARO® models are available with a hopper extension, which increases its capacity, e.g. for gritting salt, to approx. 750 kg on the POLARO® L and approx. 1000 kg on the POLARO® XL.


Spread grit up to 6 mm in size

Spread grit up to 6 mm in size

e.g. using POLARO® L on a John Deere Gator

Professional winter service

Professional winter service

using POLARO® L on a Piaggio vehicle

Up to 1000 kg road salt capacity

Up to 1000 kg road salt capacity

POLARO® XL including container extension

Technical data

Streubreite:0,8 – 6 m
Motorleistung Streuteller:100 Watt
Motorleistung Schnecke:250 Watt
Sicherung:30 A
Streuteller-Drehzahl:40 – 600 U/min
Schnecken-Drehzahl:2 – 54 U/min
Operating voltage:12 to 15 V
Operating temperature:-10 to +70 °C
Storage temperature:-30 to +70 °C
Battery cable:3 m + 6 m, cross section 6,0 mm2
Control cable:5 m
IP rating:IP67
Hopper capacity:380 l
Dimensions (LxWxH):1037 x 1056 x 820 mm
Weight:140 kg
Capacity, salt:approx. 500 kg
Spreading area:approx. 25,000 m²
Hopper capacity:550 l
Dimensions (LxWxH):1394 x 1056 x 820 mm
Weight:155 kg
Capacity, salt:approx. 720 kg
Spreading area:approx. 36,000 m²

Special features of the POLARO® L/XL

Control panel

User-friendly operation with the POLARO® L/XL control panel As well as infinitely adjusting the speed of the spreading disc to set the working width, you can also control all other functions centrally via the control panel, such as:

  • Altering the screw speed to control the discharge rate, and boost function for briefly discharging larger quantities of spreading material when necessary (ice formation)
  • Three memory keys (P1–3) for individual settings
  • Automatic breakaway for screw conveyor
  • Empty warning, residue emptying, service prompts, etc.
metal parts of non-rusting stainless steel

The materials are also streets ahead All materials are designed for the particular challenges of winter work. So not only are all metal parts of non-rusting stainless steel as standard, but all cables and the individual gear motors are resistant to the ingress of dust and water (IP67). The hopper is made of temperature-resistant polyurethane that is completely impermeable to air and water, damps vibrations, and resists embrittlement.

Adjustable spreading pattern

Adjustable spreading pattern The spreading disc can be manually positioned slightly more to the left or right, using two set screws. This way, material can be dispensed directly onto the neighbouring pavement or cycle path, for example, in parallel with gritting the road.

Height-adjustable spreading disc

Height-adjustable spreading disc To achieve the desired results regardless of carrier vehicle, the discharge height of the spreading disc (recommended: 0.40 – 0.80 m from the road surface) can be adjusted in the blink of an eye to suit different types of vehicle.

Vibrator with automatic start-up

Vibrator with automatic start-up The screw conveyor transports the material from the hopper to the spreader. If the flow is blocked, the vibrator – provided as standard – starts up automatically, breaking up the material in the hopper when necessary, so that it can continue to flow.