LEHNER Maschinenbau

Your market leader for 12V spreading technology – “Made in Germany”

Innovations for over 50 years. LEHNER Maschinenbau GmbH emerged from LEHNER Agrar GmbH, which was founded in 1956 by Josef Lehner. LEHNER is led today by the second generation, Helmut Lehner, whose vision and wealth of innovative ideas has made LEHNER Maschinenbau GmbH what it is in many areas today – the market leader for 12V spreading technology throughout Europe. The trigger to move into the development of a mechanical spreading solution, in addition to agricultural trade, was a regional snail and slug calamity that ravaged the regional agricultural industry in 1989. The result is well-known – a spreader operated by a 12V supply, with which slug pellets can be spread over a large area – the first SuperVario®. Gradually, the range of 12V spreading technology was expanded even further. Today LEHNER markets a range of innovative products that are sought after in agriculture, wine- and fruit-growing, as well as for winter road maintenance and special purpose machines mainly used in road construction. Since the very beginning at LEHNER we have concentrated on development and strictly supervised final assembly of our products, whose components are all manufactured in Germany to our specifications and fulfill the highest quality requirements. This way, only products with the distinction “Made in Germany” leave our company. This is just one of the reasons why the innovations from LEHNER enjoy such demand worldwide, and the export share of the spreading technology today is an impressive 37% – with the trend continuing upwards.

founded in 1956 by Josef Lehner in Westerstetten (north of Ulm)

Our roots

Our company was founded in 1956 by Josef Lehner in Westerstetten (north of Ulm) and operated as a small, family-run firm, as a sideline in agri-trade.

In 1980 Helmut Lehner, the son of the company founder, joined the agri-trade company, expanded it enormously, and continued to redevelop the company. As a result,the range was expanded in 1992 to the area of mechanical engineering and the marketing of 12V spreaders.

LEHNER currently employs around 30 people. LEHNER Maschinenbau GmbH, with its innovative 12 V spreading technology, is a market leader in Europe and intends to further enhance and underpin this position by continuously developing its product range.


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Swabian, Innovative, Strong: The production of our 12 V spreaders


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12 V spreading technology: The success story of LEHNER

Our values

The company has officially divided, with construction and occupation of dedicated office, production and warehouse facilities for our 12 V spreading systems, and division of the two business units into independent companies at the end of 2019. Nevertheless, at our core we remain the same – we move with the times and aim to keep challenging and improving ourselves.

LEHNER Maschinenbau GmbH and LEHNER Agrarhandel embody outstanding products and excellent service. And not only that – we maintain values that we consistently pursue and that govern all that we do.

Develop continuously

Shaping the future

Continuous further development is what drives us. Our main purpose in life is to keep improving. We want not only to move with the times, but also to be one step ahead wherever possible. To achieve this, we have to recognise tomorrow ‘s markets early on, get to know and assimilate their requirements, and implement these in our new and further developments. Now and in future, we want to offer added value and forge ahead with innovative solutions and developments, all of which satisfy our stringent quality standards and function flawlessly.

Act responsibly

Lasting success

Acting responsibly is the measure of all things. Reckless pursuit of profit regardless of everything else – that’s not LEHNER’s way. Rather, our income is intended to lay the foundations upon which we can live up to our ideals of social responsibility towards our fellow humans for the long term. That’s why we strive to invest wisely and handle our business in a careful and forward-thinking way, so that we can continue to overcome future times of crisis with a healthy equity base.

Achieving more together

Cultivating good relationships

The foundation for successful collaboration. Relationships based on fairness and trust with all business partners equally are the basis of our success. There must be absolute faith in LEHNER. Our satisfaction depends on that of our customers. Lasting relationships with our suppliers, based on a good, shared foundation, are key. We therefore don’t aim to continuously pressure them for low prices, because high-quality products can be delivered only when all involved earn a decent living.

Lead by example

Thrifty & down-to-earth

Using resources sparingly and mindfully. We are extremely careful with reserves and raw materials of every kind. They form the indispensable basis of our present and our future. We personify the thriftiness for which the Swabians, in this part of Germany, are renowned – not through miserliness, but by foresight and a healthy estimation of what is and isn’t necessary. This also covers little acts, like picking up a screw from the yard, for example.

Honest dialogue on an equal footing

Appreciation & respect

Honesty is behind our entire modus operandi. We have gained the trust of customers, employees, suppliers, banks and the authorities – because our word counts, and we keep our pledges or promises, whether major contracts are involved or not. We treat one another with honesty and respect, and set store on open dialogue as equals. At LEHNER, every opinion has its place and is heard! This motivates people and ensures a good working environment with work satisfaction. It also encourages creativity and initiative – prized traits at LEHNER.