12 V spreader with manual dosing

Drive with 12V
Spread width 0.8 to 6 metres
Grit up to 8 mm
Stainless steel
Cabling waterproof
Control panel LAS

POLARO® – perfectly equipped for winter road clearance without special vehicle.

With the POLARO®, you can spread salt, grit, sand, and also fertiliser using virtually any vehicle having a 12 V supply, e.g. a private car, pickup, lorry, wheel loader, mini tractor, quad bike, etc. The frame of the POLARO® already contains all the holes required for mounting. By steplessly adjusting the spreader disc’s rotational speed from the control panel, you can infinitely adjust the spreading width from 0.8 m (footpath) to 6 m (e.g. parking space) while on the move.

The POLARO® offers, including:

  • Stepless adjustment of working width from 0.8 – 6.0 m (up to 12 m as an option)
  • Operation via LAS control panel from the cab/driver’s seat
  • Stepless adjustment of the spreading dosage – manual
  • Frame, valve, and spreading disc made from stainless steel as standard
  • Cables protected in waterproof junction box
  • Autostart separates agglomerated spreading material
  • Stainless steel agitator
  • 24 V operation is possible using a transformer
  • OPTIONAL for hopper sizes 110 l and 170 l: Saline agitator for slow-flowing salt (e.g. very fine, damp salt) available at extra cost.


Wheel loader for winter service

Wheel loader for winter service

POLARO® 170 with drawbar coupling, foldable

POLARO® 110 on a Nissan Navara fitted with suitable pick-up attachment

POLARO® 110 on a Nissan Navara

fitted with suitable pick-up attachment

POLARO® 70 with rear attachment easily mounted on ATV/Quad when needed

POLARO® 70 with rear attachment

easily mounted on ATV/Quad when needed

Technical data

Spreading width: 0.8 – 6 m
Motor power spreading disc: 60 W
Motor power agitator: 150 W
Fuse: 25 A
Speed range spreading disc: 40 – 600 rpm
Speed range agitator: 54 rpm
Power consumption: When starting, up to 24 A
Normal operation up to 13 A
Operating voltage: 12 to 15 Volt
Operating temperature: -10 to +70 °C
Storage temperature: -30 to +70 °C
Battery cable 70 l: 3 m
Battery cable 110 to 250 l: 5 m (4.0 mm²)
Control cable 70 l: 3 m
Control cable 110 to 250 l: 6 m
Hopper capacity: 70 l
Hopper capacity: 490 x 585 x 870 mm
Weight: 29 kg
Capacity, salt: approx. 90 kg
Spreading area: approx. 4,500 m²
Hopper capacity: 110 l
Dimensions (LxWxH): 490 x 585 x 1050 mm
Weight: 38 kg
Capacity, salt: approx. 140 kg
Spreading area: approx. 7,000 m²
Hopper capacity: 170 l
Dimensions (LxWxH): 690 x 610 x 1100 mm
Weight: 42 kg
Capacity, salt: approx. 220 kg
Spreading area: approx. 11,000 m²
Hopper capacity: 250 l
Hopper capacity 785 x 670 x 1230 mm
Weight: 53 kg
Capacity, salt: approx. 325 kg
Spreading area: approx 16,250 m²

Special features of the POLARO®

LAS control panel as standard

LAS control panel as standard.

With the LAS control panel switching functions the spreading disc speed can be infinitely adjusted to define the working width, as well as the switching functions machine ON/Off and shutter On/Off can be actuated.

Manual dosing

Manual dosing

On the POLARO®, the flow rate is set manually directly on the machine, using the dosing valve.

Stainless steel agitator

Stainless steel agitator

The patented LEHNER agitator system guarantees a continuous flow of free-flowing material.




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