Pneumatic hose spreader for working widths up to max. 42 m

VENTO® Pro – for mounting freely on an existing sprayer boom

In the VENTO® Pro, two 12 V high-powered fans convey the spreading material through hose and pipe connections to individually controllable spreading discs (between 4 and 8), which can dispense cover crops or slug pellets over a width of up to 42 m.

As the entire VENTO® Pro unit is individually designed to suit the carrier vehicle or type of use, please address your request for a quote directly to LEHNER.

The features of the VENTO® Pro:

  • 8 hose outlets for connecting 4 – 8 spreading discs, in line with the individual design
  • Metal hopper with a capacity of 120 l or 230 l (360 I and 550 l available on request)
  • 12 V high-powered fans (2x) and control panel
  • Speed-dependent dosing and headland management system via 7-pin signal socket included as standard
  • Maximum spreading width per disc: 12 m
  • Device control according to JKI RiLi 3-1.0 incl. test seal and test report
  • Depending on the design, the product package includes: Spreading discs with holder, rotary feeder shaft, rotary feeder set, blind plugs and fastening materials, battery cable, VENTO® control cable and connecting cable for spreading disc drive, transport and mounting frame, which the customer may need to adapt for installation.

Technical data

Spreading width: Up to max. 42 m
Hoses: 8
Fans: 2
Operation voltage: 12.5 to 15 Volt
Speed spreading disc: 200 – 1,500 rpm
Total power consumption: max. 45 A
Motor power consumption: 10 A
Operation temperature: -10 to +50 °C
Storage temperature: -10 to +50 °C
Spreading rate: 10 kg at 15 km/h
25 kg at 6.5 km/h
Batteriekabel: 6 m (6.0 mm²)
VENTO-Steuerkabel: approx. 11 m
Control cable: approx. 25 – 30 m
Connections: Power supply, control cable, connection cable spreading disc, headland management socket
Hopper capacity: 120 l
Dimensions (LxWxH): 969 x 527 x 1009 mm
Weight: 61 kg
Hopper capacity:  230 l
Dimensions (LxWxH): 997 x 570 x 1199 mm
Weight: 84 kg
Hopper capacity: 360 l
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1045 x 568 x 1335 mm
Weight: 107 kg
Hopper capacity:  500 l
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1205 x 755 x 1472 mm
Weight: 186 kg

Special features of the VENTO® Pro

The VENTO II control panel with 3.3 inch graphic display leaves no wish unfulfilled.

On the VENTO II, all functions can be controlled centrally. Control of all features – whether speed-dependent dosing, electric calibration, or automated residue emptying – is completely user-friendly, simple and self-explanatory. Even the fan speed and rotary feeder shaft monitoring can be adjusted directly on the control panel. A choice of 20 languages and a program memory for up to 75 calibration tests make your work even more agreeable.

Spreading discs with holder

The spreading disc can be individually, infinitely adjusted via the control panel and feature two distributor blades. To ensure the lowest possible power consumption, they are automatically started one after the other. Each spreading disc can have a working width of up to 12 m, depending on the spreading material.

Tool-free handling

No tools are required to change rotary feeder shafts with various cells (A/B) for different spreading materials (fine, medium, large), or for attaching and detaching hoses.

Agitator with empty indicator

In the hopper, an agitator with an ideal transmission ratio ensures an efficient and gentle flow – for slow-flowing materials as well. Moreover, an empty indicator lets you know when the minimum level has been reached.

Battery cable 6 mm² (6 m)

The VENTO® Pro is powered solely via the supplied 6 mm² battery cable. The battery cable is routed directly from the battery into the cab (holder included in delivery). The cable is protected by a plug-in fuse (40 A).

Rotary feeder shaft

The VENTO® Pro comes with a blue rotary feeder shaft 2x 5.0 ml per outlet, and an additional set of star feeders. This comprises green 2.5 ml cells, red 10.0 ml cells, and dummy cells, so that mixtures of fine seeds and large legumes, small seed crops and micro granulate, can be dispensed.


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