Dispensing gun & backpack dispensing gun

Application aid for laying of baits

Light, convenient and effective at the same time!

Granulated rodenticides (edible baits) can be dispensed using the dispensing gun and backpack dispensing gun. Instead of having to bend down, the user can operate the dispensing gun while standing comfortably, and the bait can be dispensed directly into the mouseholes. A vertical press on the dispensing gun causes several grains to fall out of the tube. The amount of bait can be adjusted using a set screw, and the outlet is closed again by raising the gun. The dispensing gun’s transparent hopper has a capacity of 500 ml.

The backpack concept of the LEHNER dispensing gun includes:

  • 5 litre hopper
  • Adjustable carrying strap and hose
  • Height-adjustable handle

Dispensing gun

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Technical Data

Dispensing gun
Designation: Dispensing gun
Overall length: 1050 mm
Hose length:
Tare weight: 250 g
Hopper capacity: 500 ml
Tube diameter: Ø 26 mm
Dispensing gun
Designation: Backpack dispensing gun
Overall length: 850 – 1250 mm
Hose length: approx. 1000 mm
Tare weight: 1.5 kg
Hopper capacity: 5000 ml
Tube diameter: Ø 26 mm

Special features of the dispensing gun

Granulated rodenticides
Easy to handle

By pushing the dispensing gun, the bait is placed in the mouse burrow. When the dispensing gun is lifted, the outlet is closed again. The quantity of bait can be adjusted mechanically.

carried comfortably on the back
The backpack concept

The hopper is carried comfortably on the back, allowing the user to use only a single filling to cover even large areas with the backpack dispensing gun. Better yet, thanks to the height-adjustable handle, it is always possible to assume the optimum working position – regardless of the user’s body height.