The rotary feeder shaft, motors and fan of the AirDos® are specially designed for working widths of 0.8 – 4 m and a max. discharge rate of 30 kg/ha. With its infinitely adjustable fan, it can dispense mixtures of fine and large seeds, fertiliser, micro granules and grasses, among other things. In the AirDos®, the discharge rate is determined by the speed of the rotary feeder shaft and regulated on the LAS4 control panel which, as you would expect from LEHNER, is included as standard. The control panel issues visual and acoustic warnings in the event of malfunctions and if the motor is not at the required speed.

The AirDos® is ready to use in no time and can be mounted on a diverse range of tillage implements quickly and easily. The fastening material for the baffle plates, plus 8 baffle plates, are also included in delivery, as are the control cable, 25 m Superflex hose, rotary feeder shaft (1x 5.0 ml blue/outlet) and a rotary feeder set. The AirDos® comes with a 110-litre or 170-litre hopper.

The 8 outlets of the AirDos® are arranged in two rows one behind the other, forming a very compact unit. To decouple from the spreader (e.g. for a calibration test), all you need to do is undo the hinges on the side, then you can detach the entire unit in one piece.

Speed-dependent dosing with AUTO-DOSIS is available as an option. The AUTO-DOSIS automatically adjusts the speed of the rotary feeder shaft in line with the driving speed.

You can find all further information on the newest member of LEHNER’s agricultural range on the AirDos® product page. You’re also very welcome to visit us on Instagram or Facebook. There, as well as a two-page product presentation as part of our “Spreader Tuesdays” on 7 March and 4 April 2023, you will also find a series of brief videos about the AirDos®.