With the innovative SpeltEx® and the SpeltEx® Pro for large acceptance testing stations, mills and agricultural dealers can now dehull raw spelt samples professionally in the blink of an eye.

In just one minute, the SpeltEx® 500 g delivers perfectly dehulled spelt for further tests of the falling number, DON, protein and water. What’s more, this patented dehulling process with precisely adjustable dehuller discs and aspiration is exactly reproducible and gentle on the grains. Now when goods arrive, you’ll no longer have to put up with delays due to time-consuming, makeshift dehulling processes for small volumes. Large acceptance testing stations and businesses that use shift work need to be sure that testing capacity is utilised to the max without the need to allocate additional staff. The SpeltEx® Pro (coming in 2021) perfectly lives up to these criteria, is child’s play to operate, and really comes into its own when working with inadequately threshed raw kernels, in particular. You can find further, more detailed information on the SpeltEx® and SpeltEx® Pro here. What’s more, a short action video of our SpeltEx® prototype is available on YouTube.