The SpeltEx® Pro is ideally suited for large harvest receiving or processing centers, for shift operations and shows great potential especially with poorly harvested raw material.

The SpeltEx® Pro is supplied with a pre-assembled heat sink which is extremely easy to operate unlike our basic SpeltEx®. The SpeltEx® Pro also processes two- and three-spindle spelt without any problems and without causing any blockage. The fine adjustment of the flow rate is independently controlled by means of an automated speed control of the cellular wheel shaft. The load on the dehusker drive is monitored electronically and the speed is adjusted automatically to prevent overloading or overdosing.

Once adjusted and properly aligned, the system delivers the dehusked sample lots continuously with consistently high dehusking quality. This increases the productivity of the receiving centers, which is extremely required needed during peak times to make the best use and efficient evaluation of the received harvest without relying on trained employees to monitor/control the dehusking process.

You can find out more about our spelt sample dehuller at the SpeltEx® product page.