LEHNER Maschinenbau

Your market leader for 12V spreading technology – “Made in Germany”

Innovations for over 50 years.

LEHNER Maschinenbau GmbH emerged from LEHNER Agrar GmbH, which was founded in 1956 by Josef Lehner. LEHNER is led today by the second generation, Helmut Lehner, whose vision and wealth of innovative ideas has made LEHNER Maschinenbau GmbH what it is in many areas today – the market leader for 12V spreading technology throughout Europe.

The trigger to move into the development of a mechanical spreading solution, in addition to agricultural trade, was a regional snail and slug calamity that ravaged the regional agricultural industry in 1989. The result is well-known – a spreader operated by a 12V supply, with which slug pellets can be spread over a large area – the first SuperVario®. Gradually, the range of 12V spreading technology was expanded even further. Today LEHNER markets a range of innovative products that are sought after in agriculture, wine- and fruit-growing, as well as for winter road maintenance and special purpose machines mainly used in road construction. Since the very beginning at LEHNER we have concentrated on development and strictly supervised final assembly of our products, whose components are all manufactured in Germany to our specifications and fulfill the highest quality requirements. This way, only products with the distinction “Made in Germany” leave our company. This is just one of the reasons why the innovations from LEHNER enjoy such demand worldwide, and the export share of the spreading technology today is an impressive 37% – with the trend continuing upwards.

founded in 1956 by Josef Lehner in Westerstetten (north of Ulm)

Our roots

Our company was founded in 1956 by Josef Lehner in Westerstetten (north of Ulm) and operated as a small, family-run firm, as a sideline in agri-trade.

In 1980 Helmut Lehner, the son of the company founder, joined the agri-trade company, expanded it enormously, and continued to redevelop the company. As a result,the range was expanded in 1992 to the area of mechanical engineering and the marketing of 12V spreaders.

Today LEHNER has 25 employees, and is represented worldwide with its innovative 12V spreading technology. LEHNER has a market-leading position in Europe, and intends to underpin this through the continuous further development of its product range.

entrepreneurial behaviour has always meant sustainable behaviour

Our values

For LEHNER, entrepreneurial behaviour has always meant sustainable behaviour. At LEHNER, the customer is at the center of things, rather than being seen as a possible means of increasing turnover at any price.

Our commitments

  • In all our business dealings, we have the future of the company and the well-being of our employees in mind at all times. We offer a modern, future-proof working environment characterised by mutual respect and trust.
  • We perform high-quality work, both in agri-trade and in mechanical engineering. Our products are subjected to professional quality controls before they are shipped to the customer.
  • We wish to provide our customers with professional support with every aspect of agriculture and to help them with modern solutions.
  • We recognise our responsibility as a part of society, of our region, and of the whole industry, and we consciously seek dialogue in order to continuously improve the products we sell.
The development of our company is a shared responsibility

Our claim

  • We run our business sustainably, and wish to generate reasonable profits and protect the environment. For this we rely on innovations, improvements in processes for implementing and developing new products, and making space for modernisation. In addition, we want to further strengthen our market position, and we therefore invest in qualified and committed personnel.
  • We work in team structures with a flat hierarchy, and wish to create long-term employee loyalty to us. Das Arbeiten bei LEHNER soll Abwechslung bieten, Spaß machen und natürlich fair entlohnt werden. Working at LEHNER should provide variety, be fun, and of course be fairly paid. Our employees should feel at home and valued, and have individual and active support from us.
  • Our company is proactive, in order to plan, develop, and implement future-ready strategies. Our company’s development is the joint responsibility of its management team and its workforce.