Laboratory dehuller with aspiration

Filling funnel

Dehull spelt kernel samples in the blink of an eye

With the SpeltEx®, delays in receiving goods due to time-consuming, makeshift dehulling processes for small volumes are now a thing of the past. The SpeltEx® is extremely fast and thorough.

In just one minute, the SpeltEx® delivers approx. 500 g of perfectly dehulled spelt for subsequent tests of the falling number, DON, protein and water. What is more, this dehulling process, with adjustable dehuller discs and aspiration, is exactly reproducible and gentle on the grains.


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Further features of the SpeltEx®

  • Simply, user-friendly operation
  • Precise display of all dehulling setting parameters for reproducible results
  • Durable, robust and highly effective technology
  • Easy-clean, high-quality materials
  • High empty weight and five vibration dampers (feet) for optimum stability
  • Max. volume in working operation: approx. 94 dB(A)
  • Zwei verstärkte Spelzbeutel im Lieferumfang enthalten
  • Two reinforced hull bags supplied.

Technical Data

Capacity:approx. 4 l
Supply voltage:220 V
Total power consumption:1,500 W
Dimensions (LxWxH):605 x 520 x 980 mm
Weight:approx. 82 kg

Special features of the SpeltEx®

Throttle valve (1) on the cyclone for setting the aspiration rate (16 positions).
Adjustment wheel (3) for setting and displaying (4) the dehulling gap, which can be documented by the user.
The dosage quantity and loosening of the grains are controlled by a spring-mounted dosing valve (2).
Control unit with On/Off, Emergency Stop and ammeter for the dehuller motor to monitor electricity consumption (nominal value: 4–6 A).